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Call for Papers 2020

You burn for which story?

Tips on the submission process:

Games change the world, and the world changes games. That’s still true, even if the world is changing faster than games can currently model. Nevertheless: We live and learn with computer games, now more than ever. They are an important part of our economy, set aesthetic trends, are represented in all cultural areas and make politics. They are competitive, inclusive and controversial. They connect us and let us breath optimism. In its twelfth year, the gamescom congress shows the developments and potential for society and economy. And for this we are counting on your help again. On the one hand, because we are looking for ways to convert the congress, at least in part, into a format that is accessible online. On the other hand, because we are again very curious about your submissions.

Do you have a topic that is burning on your nails? A research project that shows a whole new facet of computer and video games? A social area, a city district or a small family, where games have a special effect, offline as well as online? Then answer our Call for Papers. You could submit your ideas and presentation until May 31 2020. We would like to pay special attention to the question of how a possible presentation by you could be implemented within the framework of a digital conference. We look forward to your suggestions.

  1. The gamescom congress is not a classic developer* conference, but a conference for all people interested in games. That’s why: Please consider whether your suggested topic would not be in better hands at devcom.
  2. We don’t need a three-minute YouTube video at all, but a descriptive title and an even more descriptive summary of the topic would be great.
  3. It’s a question of style, but if you renounce superlatives and other exaggerations in your submission, we’d find it revolutionary.

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